Be Kind

Little Buddhist Zine

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” «—» Dalai Lama

Happy Accident


This zine was sort of a sideways project. I set out to create one kind of zine, and this one popped out instead.

I am a practicing Buddhist and thought this was a fitting tribute to all that I am learning about the eight-fold path.


This Zine incorporates very basic principles of Buddhism and mindfulnes, along with handy references of popular Buddhists and Meditators for you to check out.

Making this zine has been pure joy and pleasure to create! Please enjoy.

Little Buddhist Zine


Travel is what we like to do. Much of it has been crossing from Arizona to Kansas, with a few other places between, like Chicago, Illinois and Omaha, Nebraska.

These travels have been documented in a variety of ways. Still images and video combine to give a sense of continuity to the journey.

We are growing our Zine Collection all the time so please watch the Zine Pages for new additions.

New Mexico Highway - photo by Desert Xe;