No Men allowed A Diary Zine

A Zine by Desert A. Xel

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

–Margaret Atwood

The Challenge


Read Books Only by womyn, trans*, and non-binary authors.

No Men Allowed is Zine is the result of a reading challenge put forth in 2018.

“Read books only by the kinds of people listed above”. The creator of the zine, Desert A. Xel, says this “I was recently introduced to the phrase sidestream as an alternative to mainstream, I think I like that.”

The Zine goes on to document these sidestreams that the author participated in. As well as a documenting the results of the Challenge.

This zine debuted for the first time at The Chicago Zine Fest 2019. Consequently it was seen at The Phoenix Zine Fest 2019, and then KC Zine Con 5. Visit last year’s KCZC Virtual Zine Fest

We are happy to offer this zine online and hope you enjoy it.

No Men Allowed My 2018 Reading Challenge,


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