Road Trip New Mexico 2016

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. -IBN Battuta

Travel is what we like to do. Much of it has been crossing from Arizona to Kansas, with a few other places between. Like Chicago, Illinois and Omaha, Nebraska. 

These travels have been documented in a variety of ways. Still images at first, and adding video as our tech improved. 

With all the driving we’ve done, the views on the I-40 between Arizona and New Mexico are breathtaking. The Continental Divide is a favorite spot, so is a few of the stops on the high plains. Just remember to bring jackets. It can get cold.

It will be time to start traveling soon, so this collection will grow over time, so please watch the Zines page for new micro zines from the Artistic Nomads!

New Mexico 2016