Radically Reducing

Going Minimal

In order to live full-time in an RV, we have to radically reduce the amount of stuff we have — whittling down the equivalent of a 2 BR home (with garage) to the few belongings that will fit in our starter RV. No storage unit allowed.

Follow along as we de-clutter and shed on our way to a minimalist RV life. We’ll keep count of how much stuff we shed, discuss philosophies/approaches to dealing with stuff, and share the tips we learn along the way. We may even have some guest content from friends who’ve attacked their own de-cluttering projects.

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Watch our sorting process.

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Total Items Reduced

How We Count Things
There are numerous ways to count the stuff we give away/recycle/trash. We agreed on the following rules for counting before we started:
  • a pair is one thing (socks, gloves, shoes)
  • 1 bag of recycle is one thing (shredding, toilet paper rolls, coffee cans, glass jars, plastic containers)
  • 1 zipper bag of small things is one thing (buttons, paper clips, pencils)
  • 1 inche of paper products is one thing (folders, papers, sheet protectors, file dividers)
  • lids + container = one thing (pot/lid, storage container/lid, box/lid, etc)
  • 1 set of media is one thing (a season of a TV show on DVD, a boxed set of CDs, etc.)
  • 1 thing is 1 thing (books, discs, electronics, furniture, i.e., everything else)


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