More and More….Stuff!

The act of sorting in itself can be quite powerful. When you own a lot of stuff, items get overlooked, missed. Closets and cupboards contain can hold more than the memory. We found this to be true in our case so we created several videos highlighting this process. Part of becoming a minimalist is not having so much stuff you forget you have it.

braindump #21: Creativity Imps and Self-care

I don’t know how your process works, but there are times when my brainwave activity kicks into superdrive and the ideas come, and there is an outpouring of art.

This happened a little over a week ago. I’m finally starting to decompress from all the activity, but I got some serious work done.

braindump #20: Tools For Artists and Zines

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been getting back into zine culture.

Zines have existed for a very long time. The recent history is traced back to the 1930’s and a way for science fiction writers and artists to put their work out in the public bypassing the publishers.