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Our Work

We each express our artistic vision through a variety of media. Our work includes poetry, acrylic painting, photography, writing, collage, video, altered objects, spoken word, mixed media, and DIY publishing.

Johnnie and the ocean, photo by Johnna M. Gale

Johnnie Xel

Johnnie is a poet, writer, videographer, and spoken word artist currently residing in Kansas.

Johnnie’s artistic expression also encompasses a range of visual media. Acrylics, photography, and pastels form a large percentage of their work. They also create mosaic, altered books, and mixed media pieces.

D'Marie from 2010 Photo by Denise Sowers

Desert ‘Dez” Xel

Dez is a writer and artist currently residing in Kansas.

Their preferred media include collage, photography, altered objects, and website design, generally preferring to mix media whenever possible to create a cohesive whole.


Life on the Road


Our quest to find an RV and convert a trailer into a portable art studio begins with the lessons we’ve learned on road trips in our car. In our travels, we’ve found scenic byways to photograph (and enjoy) and quiet corners to make art with limited supplies.

DIY Publishing

Our adventures in DIY Publishing began with Johnnie’s poetry chapbooks and evolved to include a variety of zines featuring photography, food, and personal stories.

Check out our current zines and find out which zine fest we’ll be at next.

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