Dream RV

One of the first things we realized we had in common was a desire to become nomads — specifically to buy an RV and travel around the country, making art (and money) in one way or another. That’s still the plan, once we find our dream RV and reduce our belongings to fit.

So what does our dream RV look like? Our wish list has evolved over the years, as we learn from blogs, YouTubers, and visiting RV shows and dealers.

 The dream is closer now. This corner of the site will chronicle the adventure as the wish list is narrowed down, specific options are explored, test drives and test trips occur. Check back for blog posts, photos, even videos as this long-held dream becomes reality.

RV Wish Lists

We each have different preferences and we’re slowly deciding what will work best for both.

Resources for RVing

We have been researching RV life for over a decade, as time allows.

Below are a few of our “go to” resources as we plan to make the road our home.

We’ve been following this couple on YouTube for several years.  They share great tips on locations to visit as well as detailed tours of various RV models. Check out their website link below or jump straight to their YouTube Channel.

We're the Russos


Staying connected is vital when you live on the road. This couple has become THE source for informaton on internet, data, and tech gear. In addition to the MIRC, they chronicle their personal journey on the Technomadia Website.


Mobile Internet Resource Center

This couple offers information on all aspects of RVing, including travel and remodeling their Airstream. Check out their website link below or go directly their YouTube Channel.

Less Junk More Journey


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