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This collection is a labor of love and has taken over 20 years to complete. I wrote some of these poems when I was a teenager, others later. Most of them have to do with healing from childhood abuse, and the hope that comes afterward. Includes drawings.


Myth of the One


This collection is about Love:

It was the 90’s and everyone was talking about the “One.” Of course, this was a lie, but in this collection I explore the many ways it tricks you, how to avoid it, how it will find you and breathe life into you, whether in the form of a singular person, or many.


Crisis of Consciousness


This collection is a chapbook of socio-political observations.

These are a few of my favorite poems to perform at Open Mics because they can instill a wealth of emotions like anger and fear. They can help folks pull out of apathy and into action. It is a short but powerful group of poems, including my signature poem “Validate me.”





This is the companion chapbook to Myth of the One. A post-script, if you will. It is about how love, unconditional, can absolve us of our past transgressions.

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