Adventures on the Road

Trans Art Installation Gives Viewer Chills

A Safe Place to Pee Art Installation by Harley Kirschner                                                         If there's one...

Photography And Storytelling Brings Tears to viewer

The photography by Jess Dugan bears portraits of people looking right at you through their lens. Poignant. And, in a safe place tell our stories of struggles and happiness.

On the Road, Dallas to Topeka

We took a vacation to Dallas Texas which involved old friends and new. The hugs were real and except for getting sick, had a great time on the trip.

Random RV Sightings on LA Trip

Long before we met, both of us held the dream of living on the road -- buying an RV and traveling from place to place.  Now, whenever we're on a road trip, we look at the RVs we pass on the highway or see parked at rest areas and truck stops.  We make note of where...

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As nomads, we're not bound to one place. In fact, we're heading out on an adventure tomorrow to attend some events in LA and hang out in Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach. Likewise, our web presence isn't limited to just this site. Art is a big broad, subject, and as two...

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Photos from the Road

Sites & Sights from our various travels

Albuquerque, NM

October 2018

New Mexico is one of our home states.  It had been two years since we’d seen it, so as soon as we crossed the border, we pulled over a roadside stop to stretch and enjoy the elevation and take a deep breath.

This trip focused on the ABQ Zine Fest, including a special cooking demo by Johnnie. We stayed with friends, ate yummy vegan food, and wandered around the city a bit.

St. Louis, MO

September 2018

A new city for both of us to explore!  This trip was a quick overnight to attend a special gallery event and celebrate Dez’s birthday.

We crammed in as much food and art as we could – including tracking down vegan ice cream, and spent a meaningful evening at the storytelling event commemorating the publication of To Survive on This Shore, where Johnnie shared his own story.

Denver, CO

June 2018

We try to get to Denver once a year. It’s one of our favorite cities with good vegan food, close friends, and a cool art scene.

In June 2018 we were there to participate in the Denver Zine Fest. However, we still managed to spend time with friends, wander around the city, and eat at some of our favorite spots. Plus, spending a day surrounded by zinesters!

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