Micro Zines

 A Micro zine is made with a piece of paper that measures 8  1/2 by 11 inches. This provides 8 panels for the Zinester to work with. Once printed, the zine is then cut and folded and made available for consumption. These are some of the zines we have created in that format. From food to road trips, flowers to food, there is a zine for everyone to enjoy.

$1.75 ea

The Desert My Heart

Pretty Flowers V.1 issue 1

Pretty Flowers, the first collection of pretty flowers in a zine by Johnnie Xel copyright 2021

Pretty Flowers V.1 issue 2

Pretty Flowers V.2, The second in the Pretty Flowers Micro Zine Collection. copyright Johnnie Xel 2021

Pretty Flowers V.1 issue 3

Pretty Flowers V.3, The third volume in the Pretty Flowers Micro Zine Collection. copyright 2021 Johnnie Xel

Food Photos V.1 issue 1

Food Photos V. 1, The first collection of dishes cooked by the Kitchen Shaman. copyright by Johnnie Xel 2021

Food Photos V.1 issue 2

Food Photos V.2: A collection of restaurant food taken by Johnnie Xel. copyright 2021

Road Trip New Mexico

New Mexico 2016

Pie Town

Pie Town New Mexico

Travel and Diary

These Zines are 5 1/2″ x 7″. Themes include travel, diary, and more.

And  $5.00 ea

No Men Allowed

No Men Allowed My 2018 Reading Challenge,

Little Buddhist Zine

Little Buddhist Zine cvr

A.R.T.T. New Mexico

Awesome Road Trip Things (artt) Albuquerque, When we were traveling we blogged our favorite road trip things on Instagram and then made that into a zine. Read all about it. copyright 2018 Artistic NomadsNew Mexico, 2018,

A.R.T.T. St. Louis, MO

Awesome Road Trip Things from St. Louis MO, During our road trips we blogged on Instagram all the awesome road trip things we found. Then we turned this into a Zine. This zine is a collection of memories from St. Louis Mo. copyright Artistic Nomads 2018 2018,

Please don’t call me a lesbian I’m a freak

Freak Zine Cover

Please watch this page for new issues.  And check out our other micro zines, filled with more photos and stories for you to enjoy.