Recently we traveled to Dallas, Texas for a conference, and a well-needed vacation. It was a great trip, and while I brought along the camera, I didn’t really record anything until we were heading home. For me it was about the experience, being with people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile, and meeting new people.

Unusual behavior for me, I know. But I’ve encountered yet another health issue, that of a fractured foot. I’m sporting a walking cast and a knee scooter. It makes it hard to balance the camera for steady images. I did however manage to document our trip home, traveling on I-35 between Dallas and Topeka. The resulting video is a little bit of that trip and the interesting things you can see while driving around the country.

In Oklahoma there is the largest casino in the United States, and while we didn’t stop, this thing is the size of some of the small towns we’ve traveled through over the years. At a rest stop outside of Wichita we found a traveling art piece, a pretty rock that hails from Wisconsin. I opted to leave the rock for someone else to pick up. I did, however, document its existence.

I learned interesting lessons in accessibility (or lack thereof) while traveling. Many of the Travel centers may have handicapped parking, but the doors don’t have automatic buttons. Makes it hard to get into and out of buildings without that magic button. Pathways can be bumpy and sidewalks aren’t always smooth. Doorways have those metal humps in them that make it hard to roll a scooter over. I had to resort to picking up the scooter’s front wheels in order to get into and out of buildings. I felt frustrated having to have someone always help me get into and out of places. It really opened my eyes to how much more we can do to help our friends who are wheel-chair bound 24/7.

We had a really good time time on the trip. Seeing our friends (some are close enough to call family) lifted my spirits. I returned home recharged and renewed.