Videographer at work by D'Marie DelciAs nomads, we’re not bound to one place. In fact, we’re heading out on an adventure tomorrow to attend some events in LA and hang out in Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach. Likewise, our web presence isn’t limited to just this site. Art is a big broad, subject, and as two interdisciplinary artists who travel, we make use of the tools available to us through social media.

Communicating in this fashion is faster and more effective. Blogs have to be planned out, articles written, media gathered; video has to be edited and rendered. What I find amazing about social media is that I can communicate with you, the audience, directly and get instant feedback on projects, photos, and places we visit.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and occasionally on Vine. We post photos and videos of our travels and keep you updated on the nomadic artistic life.

Look for @artisticnomads, if you are on a mobile device. Here’s the links for the web:

If we’re coming to your area, please contact us so we can try to meet up — and if you know of any artists who are nomads, let us know! We’d love to hear about them.