If you’ve been following the #RadicallyReducing blog then you know we’ve made some huge changes in our lives. Location, living situation, and production arena.

I’ve spent some time contemplating how and where to record new braindumps. They are a vital part of my creativity and a way to have a dialogue with you. Somehow it makes me feel a little better to know that someone, anyone is watching. Coming from the background I did in video production and studying performance video and art, it really doesn’t matter how large or small, if there is a viewer, there is a reason to put the art out there.

Some artists say you should just make the art and that will then attract the audience. I’ve never bought into that one hundred percent. Though I don’t make direct address videos as a way to entrap or entice you or to get some kind of attention, or love that I’m not receiving; I don’t create in a vacuum either. I feel that this is the reason YouTube was invented. To allow that immediate response between video creator and viewer, facilitating a dialogue. It is something Andy Warhol predicted.

In this new video, I address our Big Move and talk about what’s been going on with me emotionally and physically. I also read one of my latest poems about coming to terms with being genderqueer. It’s the first time I’ve read poetry on my vlog.

Please enjoy this latest creation!