I don’t know how your process works, but there are times when my brainwave activity kicks into superdrive and the ideas come, and there is an outpouring of art.

This happened a little over a week ago. I’m finally starting to decompress from all the activity, but I got some serious work done.

First and foremost, I have in the works a project for National Poetry Month. I am recording fresh readings of my poetry, editing them, and publishing on YouTube. There will be a page here on this website where you can view them as well. This means I am producing 30 poetry videos for the month of April. That’s a lot of work. As I write this I’ve got about two-thirds of the poems and the introduction to the project recorded, and the first poem edited. I feel very accomplished right now. A part of me wishes I could back peddle and say, “no I’m not doing this!” but after making my first poem, I got really excited about the project. I hope you do, too.

The second thing that happened was the idea for my latest zine just dumped right into my brain. I woke up one day with the inspiration, and later that afternoon, I had almost the whole thing finished, including asking for a contribution from a friend.

This video discusses that process and what to do when the creativity imps take over. Self-care is so important for artists. We need to remember to eat, hydrate, and interact with fellow humans (if that’s your thing!)

So here’s a #braindump talking about the intensity of the creative process.