I’m back with a new #braindump season. It’s taken me a long time to come back to this series. As I discuss in the video, it’s been hard adjusting to the space where we live. We thought we could use the basement to make art and record video, but it turns out to be less than an ideal space. Its not such an inspiring environment and not worth the investment to make it so.

I’ve been able to find other places and spaces to work on projects. The hardest part has been to find a place to record my vlog. I’ve finally gotten over the hump of having to record down in the uninspiring basement. One of the problems is that I think it’s kind of cheesy and middle school-ish to be making video in “my parents basement”. But if it’s where I can record for a short, undisturbed amount of time, that’s where I record. I could record this pretty much any where I wanted to, it’s just more convenient to do it at home. And that means making space (and time) to turn on the camera and talk to you.

As a creative there are all sorts of blocks and excuses I can find to not make art. Not do the things I love to do. As soon as I was done recording this episode, I felt an immediate sense of relief. I have to remember, this is good for my spirit! I can whine and complain that I have nowhere to record, but that is a lie I tell myself. The truth is there are plenty of places to record my vlog. And if that cheesy basement is my best choice, that’s where it happens.

The outcome of creating this vlog is that I am a little happier in my daily life.

Where do you find space to create. How do you get stuff made? What helps you over those blocks that just don’t want to move? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks for Watching!