New vlog post

Recently I went out to my favorite park and recorded a new #braindump. While I wish I could record and post at a more frequent rate, it’s also good that I take my time and before spewing a bunch of words I might regret.

Creative Challenge

I hadn’t recorded a vlog since I fractured my toe back in February. I’ve been treated for that and a collapsed foot. I face the challenge of being creative with multiple body issues. Since I couldn’t get down to the basement, I felt that I couldn’t make a braindump. So I just started moping around. Doing what I could to help out around the house. But much like when I was going through a shoulder injury, I wasn’t allowed to do any significant amount of work. And this time the orders were to stay off my foot. So I sat around on the couch and hung out in the bedroom. At the same time I contracted yet another respiratory infection. So more isolation since I couldn’t risk infecting the people I live with.

I was finally cleared to be out of the monstrous boot I had to wear any time I walked. And as soon as I could I grabbed the camera and let loose with this session of personal dialogue. I address several issues, one of them being quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it. Find some way to be creative. So, I started making new zines. Little micro zines about spices and herbs. I need to complete them. I want to make a set of ten, and I got as far as five. I got bogged down on Saffron, so its getting its own full scale zine. My distro wants copies. Yay!

Traveling and Zines

We traveled to Omaha for the Zine Fest there. That was creative and full of fun. I got to finally eat at Modern Love Omaha! You can read about it here. I also applied to the Denver Zine Fest, and got accepted. Our next travel date is in late June! I’m excited. I love Denver. We have friends there. I can’t wait to see them. And see some people I know from Phoenix who will be at the zine fest.

Spiritual Evolution

In making this video, I realized it was a 2 for 1. I started talking about the spiritual evolution I went through while being off my foot. I had attended a poetry reading right out of the boot and was gifted a book called Bitten by the Black Snake. Upon reading this book, I went through a process of intense spiritual awareness and evolution. In the video I attempt to describe this process. I pulled it out as a separate mini braindump.

I think recording these thoughts about the creative process, and what to do when your stuck helps me get unstuck. I’m finding the Zine Community an open, inclusive, and friendly community. Unfortunately there isn’t one here in Topeka that I’ve been able to find. Maybe you know something I don’t and can help me!

Expect the Spices micro zines to be available soon.

Enjoy the video.