this post originally appeared on D’Marie’s personal blog on October 5, 2011

A few weeks ago I started a project to reorganize all my art supplies.  I made some headway the first day — clearing out five drawers of stuff, throwing away or recycling a bunch of supplies that no longer hold inspiration, and organizing found objects into categories.

Then I got distracted by work, television, and acquiring new art supplies.  The result is that my work table has looked like this for the last few weeks:

messy art table by D'Marie Delci

Then there’s the bookcase and paper sorter that sit directly to the right of this:

art supply shelves by D'Marie Delci

The sad thing is that I do have several projects I want to start, but I have to get through all of this and get it organized before I can get started on them.

I am through most of the pressing stuff for work for the week, so the plan is to take some time tomorrow afternoon to tackle the organization and then get started on the preparation and base for at least one of the new projects.

I’ll try to take more pictures during the organization process, or at least post an “after” photo or two to prove that I got it done.  I just wish I could skip the whole “chaos” part and just magically get to the “order” part of life.