Please don’t call me a lesbian, I’m a Freak

My First Zine! After the Culinary Zines

This is my first zine! I put it together as I was finally owning my gender-queer identity. It was a really tough decision to discuss this identity in print, but once done, I haven’t looked back.

So What’s it about?

This zine explores some of my thoughts and feelings on being gender queer. It is a compilation of journal writings, musings, and performance. 

How did you get the word out?

When I first printed this zine, I gave a few copies away as a trade or if I just liked someone. I also sold a few copies out of hand. Then Wasted Ink Zine Distro in Phoenix picked it up. It’s become a popular item in their store.

The Zine Community Holds me up

I am so appreciative of the zine community and how we continue the spirit of the first zines by carrying on publishing our works. And selling them through Zine Fests and other fun events.

What do I love about the Zine community? The inclusivity, and yes, the love of creating.

Please don't call me an Lesbian, I'm a Freak


Please watch this page for new issues.  And check out our other micro zines, filled with more photos and stories for you to enjoy.