Reducing your belongings in the 21st century is going to involve a lot of electronics.  If you’re old enough, you’ll have really old stuff, like floppy drives and disks and actual film cameras as well as plenty of coaxial cable and analog cords. At least that’s what we found when we gathered all our technology and electronics into a big pile and decided what to keep, what to discard, and what to keep for now.

In the video below we discuss the options available for selling, donating, and recycling electronics.  Since most technology products, even old ones, contain hazard chemicals and components, you can’t just throw them in the trash.  We also address the problem of the “emotional bomb box,” which is any box of stuff you have squirreled away and when you open it you are bombarded by a particular relationship, event, or time in your life that brings up a lot of feelings and attachments you had forgotten. While they can happen at any point in the de-cluttering process, for Johnnie, it happened when he opened a box labeled “film stuff.”

Two things that many of us hoard with regards to electronics are cords (just in case we need that adapter, connector, charger, etc., “someday”) and boxes.  I believe we had over 30 boxes that had either come with electronics or were used to store electronics.  Johnnie made a separate video of the joy of recycling those boxes.  It’s available over on our YouTube channel.

Let us know what electronics you’ve been able to reduce in your life.  Find us on social media as @ArtisticNomads and use #RadicallyReducing.