In the process of Radically Reducing our belongings, the first major category of stuff that we sorted was entertainment. We piled all the DVDs, CDs, games, etc. in the living room and made decisions about what stays and what goes.  The video below summarizes that lessons we learned and the tips we have for anyone doing the same.

In the age of streaming video and music and cloud storage for the same, what physical media do you actually want to keep? What do you do with all those old CDs and DVDs, and even cassettes and VHS tapes?

Check out our channel on YouTube, Radically Reducing, to see the full video of us tackling our entertainment library as well as other videos of the sorting process.  We plan to have more videos up in the next few days that document our electronics sorting — and discusses some of the issues surrounding old TVs, computers, cameras, and floppy disks.

In thinking about your own entertainment library, what DVDs, CDs, games, or other media do you need to keep? What creative ways have you found to dispose of the ones that no longer belong in your life? Leave a comment below or share your stories with us on social media using #RadicallyReducing.