We have chosen to adopt a minimalist philosophy and are working to radically reduce our belongings, but not everyone comes to minimalism voluntarily.  Sometimes a natural disaster, theft, or financial crisis can take care of the reducing process all at once.  This is known as forced minimalism.  If it happens to you, you have a choice: replace all your belongings or choose to adopt a simplified life.

Our dear friend Sean, aka Mr. Bubblewrap, was forced into minimalism after a business failure.  As a result he learned that he didn’t actually need so much stuff in his life and could thrive with just a few possessions.  He sat down with Johnnie and talked about how he lost his stuff and came to embrace minimalism.

Watch the conversation in this video:


Sean carried all his possession in a trailer when he cycled from Austin to Phoenix early in 2016. That journey is being turned into a separate video that should be released later this month. Stay tuned for an announcement when it is released.

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