Sunset: Scenes from MonteraWe’ve spent a little time traveling this year and it has given me the opportunity to record many odd and interesting things. One of my favorite obsessions right now is nature. I’m obsessed with flowers, pretty flowers, flowers blowing in the wind, and the things that grow around the flowers. Sometimes I find nature taking over places that humans have once occupied and abandoned. And I take photographs and videos.

The hard drive on my computer has filled up rapidly with all of this documentation. I’m choosing to share all of this artwork in the form of movement poems and spoken word. I haven’t been inspired yet to record much audio except for this one day in Kansas.

I was taking a walk along a creek, I looked up at the trees and I hit record on the voice memo on my phone. It’s not just there to record notes, I can record anything I’m moved to say. This poem came out.

When we got back to Arizona I started thinking and wondering what I could make with this material and I kept putting it off. Finally I put together this very short movement video poem that I’m calling “Nature Walk Kansas.” It was inspired by all the scenery I encounter every day. I hope it inspires you in some way as well.

Art can happen anywhere any time we want. We don’t have to be in a specific place surrounded by our favorite things. Photographers know this well. We see the world through a lens. We have to be out in the world to capture it.

I hope to bring more of these kinds of videos to light. I certainly have amassed enough material. In the meantime feel free to leave a comment on this video and this post.

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