Pie Town, New Mexico


Over the years we have traveled between Arizona and Kansas. In order to make the trip more interesting we’ve taken side trips, usually somehting that will take us 30-50 miles out of the way.

On our 2016 trip, we traveled south on I-25 from Albuquerque to Socorro, NM. This took us out to The Very Large Array Listening Station. Afterwards, we found Pie Town. I grew up with stories about the town made famous by pies.

But time has not been kind, and Pie Town has lost the glory it once had. There were dilipadated buildings, rusting cars, and several barking dogs. We came too late for pie (as vegans, not a problem), and it was a very grey, dark day. Maybe in sunlight it wouldn’t have the look of desperation.

With weather and time of day playing a part, it still felt like one step from becoming a ghost town.

Maybe it will be re-birthed by a group of hungry young artists who want a place to create. It would be perfect for this sleepy little New Mexico town.

Watch a short video on my reaction to Pie Town.