Sorting our books was one of the hardest tasks we’ve tackled so far in our #RadicallyReducing project.  We are both avid readers and wordsmiths. We have books dating back to our childhood and books that we’ve bought together.  Some books remind us of special times in our lives while others have shaped our personal philosophy and spirituality and others are simply windows into fictional worlds that we return to again and again.

Whether you have a dozen books or a library of hundreds, facing the task of reducing the total can be overwhelming.  We focused on books that have true value to us and let go of books that used to have value or that we can replace with digital copies or check out from libraries. The driving factor is that the books can be enjoyed and used by others rather than being hoarded in our home.

For more tips and suggestions for reducing your book collection, check out our post on How to Shrink Your Library or watch this video which summarizes what we learned:



We recorded our book sort, which was actually three separate sorts. Our library was large enough that we broke it into three separate sessions.  The first is our general library. This includes fiction, spirituality, reference, poetry and zines, sci-fi, and non-fiction.



Our other book sorting videos appear on the Radically Reducing YouTubeChannel.

Are books difficult for you to part with or is there some other category of sorting that is harder?