You don’t have to be doing a #RadicallyReducing project to consider de-cluttering your wardrobe. Clothing is a big part of our lives and most people tend to accumulate clothes over time, resulting in overstuffed closets and drawers and even boxes and tubs of clothes stored in basements and garages.

We sorted through our clothing in two separate sessions. Each of us tackled our own clothes, with the other offering support and advice.  Remember: it’s recommended that you only sort your own belongings and let your family members take care of theirs.

We covered some of the lessons we learned about reducing our wardrobes in this blog post.  We also sat down and summarized the process in the video below.


Check out our YouTube channel if you want to see the actual sorting videos — there’s one for Johnnie and one for D’Marie. Then let us know about your own adventures reducing your wardrobe or simply de-cluttering your closet.  You can leave a comment below or share your stories, photos, and videos with us on social media as #RadicallyReducing.