the Artistic Nomads - by Denise SowersWe christened ourselves the “Artistic Nomads” about a decade ago.  This was a commitment to our dream of being traveling artists, creating art in an RV and having no home but the road. As we plan for the day when the RV is a reality, we are finding new outlets for our art and doing a better job at documenting our road trips, short and long. That’s why we have this site: to showcase our various artistic endeavors and chronicle our projects and adventures.

In addition to this blog and website, we have other projects in various stages of development.  I figured the official launch of the site would be a good time to share them with you. We hope that if these projects pique your interest, you’ll click surf and maybe learn a bit more about each of us.

Kitchen Shaman


KITCHEN SHAMAN LOGOfinalIf you first encountered Johnna through poetry or artwork, you may not realize that Chef Johnna Gale is also known as the Kitchen Shaman.  As Kitchen Shaman, Johnna teaches people how to cook using professional techniques honed in more than twenty years in professional kitchens. In addition to private cooking lessons, cooking classes and demos, and recipe development, Chef Johnna maintains a website and blog at There you can find recipes, food history and facts, cooking tips, videos, and links to e-cookbooks.  Kitchen Shaman also has a monthly newsletter with more of the same and a YouTube channel with new videos every month. If you like pictures of gorgeous food, check out the site and consider following Kitchen Shaman on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as YouTube.

D’Marie Delci

As a freelance writer, I maintain a separate website at It houses a small portfolio of my work, old and new.  It is also where I spotlight my work as a content consultant and creativity coach. In both of those roles I offer workshops as well as individual and group sessions.  I also have a blog there that discusses creativity, provides tools and prompts to spark imagination, and covers topics related to content writing, strategy, and marketing. The site will soon host downloadable creativity tools and a newsletter signup. Links to my professional social media accounts appear there.


Johnna has recently begun keeping a vlog on YouTube. It includes whatever needs to come out of his head. So far subjects have included gender, creativity, and spirituality. We try to share every new video on Facebook & Twitter, including our personal accounts and Johnna wrote a blog post yesterday to highlight the first batch of videos.  You can subscribe to the channel here.

Things Vegans Cook

As a vegan, I enjoy finding food that doesn’t taste like unsalted cardboard. Contrary to what omnivores believe, there is tons of incredibly sumptious vegan food out there — and I’m not just saying that because I’m married to a chef.  Things Vegans Cook is a website where we share the best vegan food we can find, well, pictures of it.  Much of it is from the extensive library of Kitchen Shaman photos. We also maintain a blog where we can share vegan recipes, videos, and books that we find intriguing and TVC also has its own set of social media accounts for more immediate sharing of what is arguably some of the best vegan food porn around.