15 minutes of Fame: This one little phrase captured my attention by the time I was in high school. And then I went to college and studied art, photography and film. And from that time on I had a strong impulse to interpret poetry through video. I made a few experimental videos that have been lost to time. When I graduated college I began volunteering at AccessTucson, our public access channel in Tucson, AZ. Through working there I was able to explore further explore the concept of Video Poetry (Read my full bio). I created the PoetSpeaks series. This included one live broadcast studio performance and a series of studio performances that were then edited and broadcast at a later date. I also shot outside footage to include in the final videos. This series ran on AccessTucson during the mid to late 1990’s. I am intrigued by the idea that video has the power to help interpret the spoken word. Spoken Word is still under-represented in commercial video/film, with the power of the internet I feel we can bring it into full light. Already poets are taking control and using the internet to speak their truth. The ability of anyone to live broadcast gives great power in the hands of the people. We can harness this for poets every where to stand up and be heard. Enjoy these pieces. And if you have any suggestions on how to create new performances feel free to leave me a comment.