braindump #21: Creativity Imps and Self-care

I don’t know how your process works, but there are times when my brainwave activity kicks into superdrive and the ideas come, and there is an outpouring of art.

This happened a little over a week ago. I’m finally starting to decompress from all the activity, but I got some serious work done.

braindump #20: Tools For Artists and Zines

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been getting back into zine culture.

Zines have existed for a very long time. The recent history is traced back to the 1930’s and a way for science fiction writers and artists to put their work out in the public bypassing the publishers.

Facing the Artistic Backlog

Facing the Artistic Backlog

As a person who runs several websites with media rich content, it is easy to get backlogged. I find myself feeling overwhelmed with 13 videos to edit, new content to upload, blog posts to write, plus needing to participate in social media every day. I am not a...